Sunday, 11 April 2010

Number of homes for sale

Number of homes for sale, signed in December 2008 year by the U.S. unexpectedly rose month-to-month by 6.3 percent. - National Association of Intermediaries reported in real estate. Analysts with Wall Street expected in December of contracts unchanged.

Very good results pharmaceutical giant Merck, which has gained in the day 6.4 percent. pociągnęły up other companies in this industry. As a result, shares in the health sector on Tuesday gave the strongest incentives for Dow Jones and S & P 500

Better than expected quarterly results gave the Schering-Plow, which wywindowało course the company's shares more than 7 percent.

The second day in a row, gained the values of shares of technology companies, including Microsoft's example - on Tuesday, an increase of 3.8 percent. The market hopes that after the entry into force of the president Obamy rescue plan will increase demand from consumers.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

This change did not consist in replacing the MP3 phones

This change did not consist in replacing the MP3 phones
audio files - in this case, the user still has to prepare himself to listen to the music. It does not concern us about the applications transmitting streaming music to your phone from your computer for example - is too complicated. We believe that a breakthrough will be to promote public awareness of mobile applications that offer the same functions as an interactive, customizable Internet radio stations, listen to on your computer.

AOL Radio, imeem, Flycast,, Omnifone, Pandora, SeeqPod, Shoutcast, Slacker, and several other suppliers online'owej now enable music listening on your Internet radio. The quality of the service is so good that they are an excellent alternative to continuous updating of the music collection stored in the memory of a portable player.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Time will not wait on us

After the irrepressible tears
Do not fulfilled dreams
The words which were no
Today, we regret to myself

I still cry a tłumiony
Pain at splinter in me lies
Fear of what is beautiful
Today we no longer want to forget

Time will not wait on us
So wybaczmy remember what was wrong
I can live without you
Now, well you know

After we lost time
In the dream world of ruins
War rations of us who had
Today, we regret to us

With a stack of broken dreams
Voice full of regret
What hurt me so
today no longer want to forget

Friday, 6 February 2009

In my ritmo in rear seats

I went with a small pier on the
Full saszeta, relax, full, hits a solo
Uraczyły little cold coca-cola
She mentolowym Marlboro me
Ripping the expert, the expert gentleman
Command Prompt, full of buzz, so wena
Now seriously I have to say something to you
In my ritmo in rear seats

I will take you (where?) In aucie
(Me?) You (ee) ehe
I will take you (where?) In aucie
(Me?) You (as aucie?) Ehe

Shortly after the twelfth, as usual, cut
I stand at the bar, removed Kęty
Order a drink, make and ecstasy
I say that this is a continuously repeated
Once again I pick nadarza
This is szulerka and Paris not as Shazza
It is acute and severe driving hazard
Take the small key to the good phase

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I see your picture

As an angel voice,
I heard it.
She see ...
Yes, He.

At a road
He is a good God
He will show you the way ...

By the end of the day
I see your picture,
I see the place where I was,
I see crowds of people.

By the end of the day
Empty glasses sound
I think the dream!

No, no, no ...

By the end of the day
I see your picture.
In an empty glass,
To my belongings.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Slot Machines

Charles Fey ut later as these entertainment machines began to branch out. Having created such profitable machine Charles Fay began selling his slot machines and earned much this way. Liberty Bell is the name of the first slot machine. A developing trend, Charles Fey was revolutionizing the local gambling sphere with this simple game.
that early slot machines were machine had about 50% of its profit. Most people think businesses. The Mills Company used its creative mind to branch out and symbols came oines weighted a lot, so it was a very complex task to move the slot machine from one casino to the other. Mills Company had to work out this complexion, so in 1915 they designed the wood cabinet slot machine. This lighter matter made it easier for them to transport slot machines to various
In 1907, Charles Feydesign more interesting slot machines for gamblers. Lots of consideration was gipose of keeping women entertained while professional gamblers hit the tables. truly huge and heavy. But it's actually no difference between early and new slot machines. Also, symbols were different back then; fruit made decision to become partners with the Mills Novelty Company to produce a line of modern slot machines. The first produce was the Mills Liberty Bell. After 3 years of successful collaboration Miles Company decided to create a slot machine with fruit images. It was Operator Bell. The early slot mach created the first mechanic slot machine in 1887 and he is considered to be the inventor of it. There were several slot machines that were spread betweenven to appearance of slot machines. Every type of slot machine had its unique design. Those outstanding, more attractive machines became a luxury for players. In the 1930's all the Americans saw the extraordinary raising of the popularity of such kind of entertainment as slot machines. Slot machines in casinos covered an original concept and pur various gambling institutions. The owner of slot